Terms and Conditions for Carriage and Storage

The removal is undertaken on the understanding that it can be effected by means of ordinary doorways or staircases. Should any other means be required an additional charge will be incurred.

Every effort will be made to complete the Removal by the time agreed, but the contractor cannot accept any liability should delay arise through circumstances out with his control.

The contractor will only be liable for damage or loss if notified of same within three days of completion of the removal.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all charges due to the Contractors shall be payable as follows:- (a) FOR REMOVALS, PACKAGING AND FORWARDING payment shall be due on the day of commencement of the work; (b) FOR STORAGE AT RENTAL CHARGE, including insurance, as agreed, payment shall be due one week in advance, and (c) Any incidental charges shall be due and payable before the goods are released by the Contractors or their agents. When the goods are removed from the warehouse storage charges in respect of any unexpired period will be credited to the customer's account.

It is an essential condition of this contract that charges shall be paid to the Contractor immediately when due without deduction and payment shall not be withheld or deferred on account of any claim, counter claim or set off.

If the balance due in terms of the statement issued by Easimovals Removal Services is not paid within 14 days after the date on which the statement is sent to the customer interest will accrue on the balance due by the customer at Four percent per annum above the then base lending rate of the Bank of Scotland and said interest will be applied to capital on a daily basis.

If the Contractors' charge for any work is not paid within 60 days of submission of their account the Contractors shall at any time thereafter, upon giving twenty-eight days notice in writing to the customer, require the customer to remove all goods within the care, custody and control of the Contractors and to pay all monies due then to them. In the event of the customer failing to so remove the goods the Contractors shall have the power to sell or otherwise dispose of the whole part of the goods without further notice and apply the proceeds of the sale towards payment of all sums due to them, including any expenses incurred by reason of the sale or disposal. In the event such a sale fails to realise the sum required to meet the customer's liability to the Contractors in full, the Contractor will be entitled to seek to recover the balance of payment due from the customer. Any surplus realised from such a sale or disposal will be paid over to the customer without interest upon application. The Contractors shall be released from all liability whatsoever arising in relation to the goods sold or disposed of.


Storage charges are subject to periodical revision. The contractor shall give 28 days notice of any such revised charge and thereafter any adjustment shall become effective.


A goods inventory form will be supplied for completion by the customer. This document should be completed on the day of the removal and counter checked by the Contractors' representative. The Contractors cannot be held responsible for any goods not contained in said document.

A customer sending goods to be stored shall provide an address to which all communications are to be directed and shall notify any change in such address.

The above conditions of contract are an abridged form of the conditions of contract operated by EASIMOVALS, a full copy of which is freely available on request.